"Hassen" is the short title of the performance, formally called "Konlon Hassen, " which means "the eight saints at the Konlon Mountains."

Adoring the virtue of Chinese Emperor, the eight saints at the Konlon Mountains went to meet him, and is said that it they performed their dance and music in the face of the Emperor.

The number of "Hassen" dancers was originally eight, and it is four now.

The dancer wears "ho" of "kanto-i (=a square cloth with openings for head) which has pattern of nets and carp, a strange crown and a strange mask.

This mask is considered to have imitated the head of a bird.

The beak of the bird is sharp and the small bell is attached to the tip of the nose.

The crown is a form which symbolizes the hair of the head of a bird.

This dance modeled the figure that a crane is dancing, and is referred to as "Maizuru (=dancind crane)."

It is customs dance of the Western Regions.