"Dengaku" is a ritual music and dancing performed in Shinto shirines and Buddhist temples.

The work song of rice planting developed into "dengaku."

And soon, it was set to "zatsu-gei" miscellaneous dance and music of old Japan, and special Buddhist monks appeared as the performer.

The monks performed also on the festival of a shrine.

As a New Year's festive decoration, an artificial crane and turtle and etc. were attached attached to "i-gasa," a bamboo hat.

The decoration on the bamboo hat is call "furyu (=elegance)."

Thus, afterwards, the festive decoration changed and it was set to "kasa-hoko," float with an umbrella, and "tsukuri-yama," float with decoration, which appears in a festival now.

There are also a decoration of the state of a dinning table and others which variously expressed the interesting forms .

The composite figure in the photograph was produced making reference to "Nenchu-gyoji Emaki" an annual events picture scroll.