These clothes are normal clothes which are looked at by the lower picture of the "Senmen Shakyou (=Fan Paper Lotus Sutra)" unlike "kazami" as full dress which the imperial court's daughter wears. . It is made for "hitoe". You make it torn up the seams, and the sewing eye of the armhole of the shoulder is wide open. This is called "yudachi" which is connected with "kumihimo (=strings)" This figure wears "kiri-hakama" and "kazami" on bare skin.

It has written as follows at "Samasuke Shozoku Sho (=costume collection)."
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The line of left of "kazami" of sleeves is in about 5 or 6 suns.
It is called "yudachi."
The preceding paragraph is the description about an error. The latter part is the right description.That is, front sewing line of the side of a left sleeve may be opened. On the other hand, the side of a right sleeve is opened and "kazami" currently drawn in "Senmen Shakyou (=fan paper lotus sutra)" is clearly different.

"Samasuke Shozoku Sho (=costume collection)" explained as follows.
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There are various opinions about "kazami." The lieutenant general of the prime minister of bowman wears "go-sechi" (5)."
If this description about "kazami" is right, it is correct to open the side of the left sleeve.