The figure in the photograph shows the clothes of common women after the middle of the Heian Era .

They wear a"hosoobi (=narrow sassh) for a garment with boat-style-sleeves.

They sometimes wear "shibira" the substitution of "mo" , which is considered to be the vestiges of "kyo," the skirt of "shitagasane" of the Nara Era , around the waist.

Moreover, "koshinuno" (=waist cloth) might be worn and a garment without sleeves might be worn on it.

The composite figure is in the style of "kosode (short sleeve kimono)", with "shibira".

Her hair is short, and is done up with "motoyui" (=hair string) on the back.

"Suhama-monyo (Suhama pattern)", which was in-fashon those days, is printed on the "kosode" kimono.