The word "suikan" means "a cloth which is washed with water and dried without using paste.

Originally it was what the common people wore.

Then, a lower government officials and lower-class samurai came to wear it; it became a samurai's formal dress like the courtier's "kariginu" dress after the Kamakura era (1185-1333) .

The form of "suikan" dress resembled "kariginu" ; it is in "agekubi (=round neckband)" style replacing with "akitsu-gashira" seen in a head and "ukeo" strap by "himo" string attachment.

When wearing the "suikan" dress, it is put into "hakama" trousers.

In the last years of Heian Era, showy liking's are in fashion, and strange decorations were attached to clothes;the decorations were called "tsukemono =additives)."

The composite figure in the photograph wears uniform of the junior detective of the police called "hoben" in those days.

Conversely speaking, tt is said that "hoben" hired the poor numerators who committed the misdemeanor as in-the-city controlling officers, etc.