Old hair styles for women (miniature).

A. Heian era
Lowering hair [lappet hair]

It is used for the Imperial Court's method of Dojo.

B. Muromachi era
Lowering hair [lappet hair]

It was used for high-class samurai's family.

C. Momoyama era
Lowering hair [lappet hair]

It was used for high-class samurai's family.

D. The middle of the Edo era
Karawa style

Imitation of a Chinese woman's hair It was used for a limited part of people. afterwards,prostitutets was fond of using it.

E. The late Edo era
the Fukiwa style

who has the "ohaguro (=black teeth)", black-dyed teeth, It ties, when yet not shaving eyebrows.

F.The late Edo era
the Shinoji style (Character of mind)

the"-- the outside of the piece of Katahazushi -- carrying out -- " form which carried out the waste of the style It is called that the Shimada-kuzushi Shimada is broken down." The lowend-class maid in the house of the shogunate or a daimyo uses.

G.The late Edo era
The Tsubushi-Shimada (=destroyed Shimada)

It is what made the center of the Shimada style thin. The girls of a town, the maid of a traveler hotel, etc. used.

H.The middle of the Edo era
The Hakoshimada style (=box Shimada)

prostitutes were fond of using it.

I.The late Edo era
The Tsubuichi style

a hairstyle of the Imperial Court's daughter or people of court lady apprenticeship. Shimada style of the Imperial Court feeling.

J.The late Edo era
The Yoko-hyogo (=Horizontal Hyogo)

The form where right and left were made for hair to approach greatly. Two big mountains are on the head.

K.The late Edo era
the Kyo-fu style (=Kyoto style)

the last stage of Edo era It is hair style of girls in the town of Kyoto.

L.The late Edo era
The Osuberakashi style.

hairstyle which took forelock and swelled hair greatly It was used for the full dress of the court lady of the Imperial Palace as the best hair from. In the Tokugawa shogunate, the wife of the Shogun and the daughter of the shogun used at the time of the ceremony of special greeting.

M.The late Edo era
The Ryote (=both hands) style

hair form which changed from the Katsuyama style and the "Kohgai-mage" style, The married women in the Kamigata area (=Osaka & Kyoto) used it.

N.The Rokumeikan period in Meiji era
The Western style

It is in the trend of Western-style-izing. For the reason of the sanitary inconvenience and the economy of the "Nihon-gami", the conventional Japanese coiffure, the Western hairstyle started being used.