The Costume Museum

The Costume Museum first opened its doors in 1974. Since then the museum has exhibited life-size dolls dressed in the varied and beautiful garments along the accessories worn throughout Japan's history.
In October 1998, the Costume Museum opened its latest addition to the museum, the Spring Palace of the Rokujyo-in. Using The Tale of Genji as a stage background, the costumes and life of the nobility of the Heian Period are exhibited in one-quarter scale. The juni-hitoe (ceremonial role of court ladies) and furniture of the period are faithfully reproduced in scale and placed in the palace rooms. A portion of one room is reproduced in full scale.
The environment of the Costume Museum is designed so that its guests can achieve a deep understanding of the world of nobility of the Heian Period. Romantic episodes that you enjoyed through the The Tale of Genji and its picture scrolls are now realistically brought to life before your very eyes.
Hikaru Genji, Murasaki-no-ue and their exclusive world are recreated in three-dimensions enabling you to become a silent participant in the lives that the Heian nobility enjoyed more than a thousand years ago.