Present Exhibition



Hashigakushi-no-ma Nurigome Moya-no-hi-no-omashi Kizahashi Sunoko Hisashi
This area of the Spring Palace was used by guests for access to the main house area. However, it was also used as a seating area for entertainment, including banqueting and the playing of music.

The Spring Palace is located in the south-east part of the Rokujyo-in and was built by Genji for Murasaki-no-ue.
The Spring Garden was especially beautiful during the spring.
The replica is built in quarter-scale using Japanese Cypress and consists of the main house and the east building which measured 21 and 9 meters respectively on the south side.
The dolls, furniture, costumes, and other accessories are based on The Tale of Genji as well as The Tale of Genji picture scrolls collected in the Tokugawa Art Museum and the Goto Art Museum.
The colors and patterns used in the clothing are based on those seen in the reference material making this replica a true reproduction of the colorful picture scrolls so carefully handed down and reproduced through the past 1000 years of Japanese history.

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