Participants from The Tale of Genji that are presently being shown in the exhibition.

Hikaru Genji/Murasaki-no-ue
Hikaru Genji
Handsome and intelligent, Hikaru Genji is the hero of The Tale of Genji. Genji is the second child born to the Emperor Kiritsubo. Filled with unfulfilled deep affection for his stepmother Fujitsubo, Genji transfers his attention to the young lady Murasaki-no-ue who is the very image of Fujitsubo. Exiled to Suma, Genji has an affair with Akashi-no-kimi that results in the birth of a daughter, Akashi-no-himegimi. Upon returning to the capital, Genji builds the Rokujyo-in and achieves the position of Grand Minister.
Clear Murasaki-no-ue
Murasaki-no-ue replaces the unfulfilled affection that Genji felt for his stepmother Fujitsubo, her aunt. Genji first met Murasaki-no-ue when she was yet a young child and was raised by him as the ideal woman. She was the head of the household for the Spring Palace in the Rokujo-in Mansion. Following Genji's marriage to Onna-sannomiya, Genji's legal wife, Murasaki-no-ue was beset by increased worry and concern.
Nonetheless, she continued to exhibit severe self restraint.

The third daughter of the Emperor Suzakuin by Fujitsubo, Onna-sannomiya is given in marriage by him to Genji.
Only in her early teens, Genji is disappointed by her childish ways.
Clear Akashi-no-himegimi
The child of Genji and Akashi-no-kimi, a fortune-teller predicts that she becomes the Empress. This convinces Genji to bring the three-year-old to the Rokujyo-in where Murasaki-no-ue raises her as her own daughter.

A well-bred, unassuming lady, Hanachirusato is much trusted by Genji. She lives in the Summer Palace of the Rokujyo-in where she supervises Yugiri after he becomes of age as well as Tamakazura.
Clear Yugiri
Yugiri is borne by Aoi-no-ue who dies upon his birth. Yugiri, the eldest son of Genji, is then raised by his grandmother Omiya.

Prior to dying, Rokujyo-no-miyasudokoro gives custody of her daughter, Akikonomu-Chugu, to Genji. As the second consort to the Emperor Reizei, the daughter becomes the mistress of the Autumn Palace of the Rokujyo-in.
Clear Akashi
Akashi is the only daughter of Akashi-no-nyudo. She and Genji meet at Suma during his exile resulting in the birth of Akashi-no-himegimi. Not of noble birth, she lives a modest life but succeeds in establishing herself as a leading lady finally finding for herself a home in the Winter Palace of the Rokujyo-in.

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